Practical Magic: From the Use of the Language of Flowers.


A good time for all readers.

On this day , spring is the doors here in the southern hemisphere, so I thought it appropriate to share my thoughts about incorporating the language of flowers into rituals.

The language of flowers that I refer to in this text is floriography, the Victorian language that attributes meanings to each flower.  

While the use of flowers is not new in rites practiced by many systems, what I propose here is to add this meaning attributed the flowers in varied rites, to add the strength of this symbol to its magical construction.  

A very common example is the popular sympathies involving roses, which mostly rely on the meaning of the rose, as a flower symbolizing love, rather than using the energy of the plant itself, so much so that I have not yet seen a sympathy in which if you take a rose tea, you may even have it, but if you have it, it is something rarer.

In addition to what we already use, we also use these floral messages in other rituals, such as weddings, but on this expansion that i propose, we go to a practical case, take the flower called bluebells, one of the messages attributed to it, is the Man’s contact with a demon, bluebell petals, in his place of evocation, may facilitate these rites, since it is more a symbolic force to add up.

Flowers of yellow carnations, with their meaning of contempt, can be added to the ice in works to move away somebody.

Red chrysanthemums, to allow themselves to seek a new love and poppy flowers for their work to attract money.

Kalanchoe, next, to his rites to seek happiness more earnestly.

And there are so many examples that it would take a long time to start to include so many flowers and meanings, but it is worth studying about a flower and its meaning by the strength of the egregor associated with this symbol, and that can be used to aid your magical purposes, and here it is worth study the whole symbolic extension of the flower, the color, whether it is worth using only petals, whether it is necessary to maintain the stem, how to leave the stem in relation to its magical tools, to what point cardinal point the flower, or if it is worth, you to surround yourself of them.

But I confess that as I wrote this I wondered if a petal of a corpse flower would help contact with the dead.

I then invite my distinguished readers this morning, so that when appropriate, include flowers with meanings that add to the expected result of their rites and then share with us in the comments.





Thank you all for your attention.


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