Enlightenment and Insanity


A good time to all readers.

One of the most essential components with i found in the success of operations and magical rituals practiced, was the ability to have faith in the result, the effort to convince the mind that the outcome would manifest literally, that an entity would materially appear in front of me, which evoked object would emerge, and that sorcery, would take place as described.

We live in a easy sharing paradigm of information, scientific thinking and psychological explanations for magic effects, our minds have a tendency to rationalize arcane effects immediately after witnessing them, most people will not accept a magician effect being purely magical, we see this for example, in the approach of using the concept shadow, archetypes and other Jungian explanations made mystics.

Able to put the mind in a state that does not immediately separates the physical and the metaphysical, to me is so complicated when you try to imagine a new color, the european medieval man had no such separation, he lived his mystical twenty-four hours a day, be yours religion and their superstitions and they were as certain of this as facts, as easily observable phenomena, like the changing of the weather and the cycle of plants, i believe this os a valid and beneficial change for humanity, the escape of this constant metaphysics in which you had full belief if you do not do something, a particular mystical procedure will happen to you, including demons showing up and taking you away.

But with that came the cost that we are a less magical people, less mystical, currently the amount of living people is higher than it was in other historical periods, then we have people of various religions and has more people in these religions, but the number of the registered and published miracles (which is also easier to track this information age) are proportionally reduced, we don’t see the great miracles and rationalize the smalls, this extends to both devout prayer of each of these religions, and for the high magic ritual.

So if you practitioner, can accomplish this unity in your mind of the physical with the metaphysical so that one becomes as real as the other and you get results with it, you feel more confident and can invoke this state more easily, but while you are moving away from consensus reality, in which the miracle does not happen, in which people do not affect reality, at least not in a direct way printing his will on her, that its ability to reach this state and his understanding , is enlightenment or is it insanity? There are real differences in this way? Well you can say that the difference between them is in the results, but the result of both is also very close which is the departure from the consensual reality, of mundane reality, this is a price worth paying?

Because another thing that happens is that if you has retreated from consensual reality, people inserted in it tend to get away from you, it is a phenomenon I have noticed over the years as many practitioners.


It is the question to you readers.



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