Pratical Magic: Case 1 – Of the Evocation and Invocation of Scrooge McDuck.

A good time to all readers.

Since its creation by Carl Barks at the end of the 40s, the character Uncle Scrooge, has been an example of successful capitalist, a winner by their own efforts and an advertisement for generations of children on meritocracy.

He is the richest duck in the world, a successful dealer in any areas that venture, making the set of ideas that accounts for the title of Uncle Scrooge a powerful force if evoked.

Imagining that the reader does not have a long practice of evocations, I suggest establishing a ritual space where you will not be bothered, do banishments and protections of your choice and soak in the idea that is Scrooge McDuck, read the works of Carl Barks, use a consecrated currency if you have one (I even still have an coin of the first payment from my first job, my coin number one), write arts narrating or describing your business success, remember their own successes, but replacing your figure by his.

Create in your mind scenarios in which you try associate his thinking with his, then call this set of ideas by name and wait be answered, use divination methods you have mastered to avoid being deceived, for in this case appearances are subtle veils. 

Then invite him to a materiality experience with you, entering into the ritual space that it separates you and he, enable and feel, making you the big businessman that he is, dipping in the sea of ideas represented by him, becoming at this time part of this ocean, since water can not drown himself.

For those who decide to contact he in dreams, caution is redoubled and after waking up, I suggest checking harder your divinatory methods, and then on a second date, try what I advised just above.

A pertinent question would be why try to evoke and invoke Uncle Scrooge and my personal answer to this question, after personal experience, it would be that it puts you in a state of mind conducive to notice and take advantage of resources, motivates you to win and also noticed he increases synchronicities related to money and business opportunities. As we know it is important for any adult who pays bills.

I advise you that before starting the process, establish an objective with this evocation and invocation, whether for a business, a monetary value, even if it’s your first million, but something with a possible end, this is because Scrooge is known as much for his qualities as by their faults, faults such as being greedy and put your journey up everything, including love and family, so when you achieve your goal, a good thing to do is simply banish his presence.

Its price and sacrifice offered to him, by the action of help you, are your own action, it excites you, but the journey is always shrouded in challenges as their most significant victories come wrapped in adventures, then live this adventure, seize opportunities and win at the end, is this the price to be paid, many may think this is a simple price to be paid, but often the challenge of a journey of this kind weighs on the soul and the comfort of the ordinary look something nicer, doing whatever necessary to win this journey is a great price.



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