Pratical Magic: Meme Magick

A good time for all readers.

I take this text to go beyond the concept of Meme as defined in its origin by Richard Dawkins and fall into the fashion of internet memes.

It sounds terrible does not it? But it is also an interesting source of mystical power if you decide to work on it.

The energy of the shared idea, even with old memes, is added up and can be harvested by the practitioner.


A simple way is to pick up a meme, separate the effect you want to manifest with it, this meme-related effect (this is one of the limitations of this kind of magic, it’s like a predefined catalog of effects) from that use an energy-donated activation effect, with is similar to activating a sigil and entering into a state of contemplation, viewing examples of this meme and posting it. I would advise to post in anonymous forums so that the maximum of online toxicity will serve as more magical fuel for the action.  

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