Practical Magic: Astral Projection At this Season of Election.

Good time to all readers.

I wanted to share my vision of this moment, a very striking moment of reality here in Brazil, from a mystical point of view.

I used the technique of Crowley’s Book 4-Magic, and I summoned a guide in a form that was comfortable to me, a human-shaped being with raven’s feet and black wings.

I astral projected with him and then asked him to take me to the symbolic center of this conflict situation that is currently expressed, I was then taken to a place similar to a city, it was not a stone forest as a metropolis, but it had high buildings usually in pairs of two, houses, streets, parks, as would be expected of a midsize town, yet everything was destroyed, in ruins, not in complete ruin as impossible to be inhabited but in ruins.  

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Magic and Politics

A good time to all readers.

This time of so much political polarization in our country in this election year, i invite you to think with me, in the magic value in politics.

Magic is a tool as well as an art, as I said in another of my articles, so she has the amount of political value with you want to give her in the political struggle, because we are magicians, but also people involved in a social reality and policy, and every choice we make in everyday life is a political choice.

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