Mind Magic

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If we consider that the magic is all change to reality through the exercise of will, then all prayer is magic, I know it is controversial that statement, but it fits well within that definition.

It makes me think and share with you the idea of mind magic, it can be two different cases, the first being the magic generated in the mind and the second the magic that affects the mind, in this text I will focus myself on the generated magic in mind.

It is essentially more difficult than spells of other aspects such as the ceremonial magic, but why that? 

Because elements of other types of magic help the operator get a specific mental state in contact with the egregore also specific, the whole nature of the implements, methods and gestures, are keys to get in touch with energy captured by the mind to goal achievement, in the magic that is purely mental you have to do all this preparation to access these keys and put in the desired mental state without the aid of external components.

So why devote to mental magic, why run it?

Specifically in magical terms, the perfect mental simulation of a magical element, its the equivalent of the keys of energy of this magical physical element, again a controversial opinion. This means that things needed for certain magic acts as an example the use of sacred plants or altered mind states through entheogens, are not necessary?

Varies from case to case, but not everyone can access these keys and mentally separate surely the magic of fiction, tradition exists for various reasons and possibility of access is one of them.

But if you just do not have elements for making material elements and magical tools for certain actions, in these cases the mental magic is your chance to be able to get results.

It is more difficult, with potential to be less effective, but often it is the only chance that the average practitioner will have to perform certain rites, for example, not everyone can get a lion belt used in goetic practices, but the perfect mental simulation as a lion belt, with its texture, smell, and how it would behave in your body, can be a crucial element to be successful in an evocation of that nature.

A well known example in the occult through mental magic, was when Aleister Crowley finished the Abramelin Rite mentally, too much of how the sigil magic in its simplest version in the chaos magic is mind magic, in addition to be the final goal of the methods of divination, its when you manage to be so attuned to the idea of divination that you no longer need an aid, only your intuition.

Practical magic for readers, if you are inserted in an egregore that accepts the idea of auxiliary entities, pray and ask for help, a simple and practical example of mind magic. 






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