Pratical Magic – Case 2 – The Sims 4 and Sigils

A good time to all readers.

I will take this text and share a process of practical magic that I developed, so that you, reader, can test.

It uses the basic sigilisation methods, as well described by Austin Osman Spare and for the sake of my preference, the game, The Sims 4.

The method is very simple, you use the method of sigilisation of the Austin, turning your full name in a sigil, from there builds the character in this game, he has a wide range of customization, so I recommend you build a character with the greatest similarity that you get with your person, to generate a better match with the idea of see in the game.

Choose your aspirations and goals in the game, as the situation you want to win or an ideal vision of what you aim achieve.

Put your name transformed in sigil, in the character, thereby generating a connection between your intent and him.

Energize the sigil of the way you consider appropriate, taking into account the bibliographies on the subject, as the work of Austin itself, but instead to forget this sigil, you will experience it in your journey through the game, getting closer the concept of hypersigil as described by Grant Morrison.

Then play.

The journey will be the method for you associate your problems as identifiable symbols within the game, turning yours wins in mystic potential to affect your mundane reality, the risk is that you might end up internalizing your defeats in the game too, but with due caution this is a small price to pay, after all no lunch is free.

The more dedicated and complex is this journey (i do not advise the use of cheats, as it takes off your mystical immersion in the process),more you will be inserted in it and thus the effects are maximized, since you will have greater sympathy and identification with what’s happening.

When you feel that journey ended and its goals have been met in the game, to seal this ritual, delete the save, allowing all this journey may be manifested in you, one way for your personal reality to affect the external reality.

I chose this game as an example, because it is easy to make associations in the simulations that the game allows, but nothing prevents you reader, to adapt this rite for your favorite game, the identification process using your name as a sigil is that it is the most basic component of this ritual.

You can, for example, identify their enemies in the game, as an anthropomorphized problems and associate the beat of them to overcome yours problems.

I invite you to share your thoughts and results in the comments.

Grateful for the attention.


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